"From Cattelan To Zurbaran - Tributes To Precarious Vitality" Bilbao, Spain

Modern conceptualizations of Baroque art abound with clichés of gold, pomp, and rich ornament. Riotous Baroque represents an attempt to extricate the Baroque from this conventional stylistic pigeonhole by juxtaposing 17th-century artworks and contemporary pieces. The resulting dialogue allows us to see the the Baroque in a new light, as a "tribute to precarious vitality": the riotous yet uncertain nature of existence.

In the words of exhibition curator Bice Curiger, Riotous Baroque aims to bring art separated from us by several centuries into the world of our own experience: "The impulses of the present day will perhaps open up new ways for us to look at old art."

Guggenheim Bilbao

June 14 – October 6, 2013