Van Gogh Museum reopens with anniversary exhibition, in Amsterdam

Marking the museum's 40th anniversary and its long-awaited reopening, Van Gogh at work presents the discoveries of an 8-year research programme. Through paint samples, microscopes and X-ray photographs, the exhibition delivers new insights on how Van Gogh learned his craft, from his first experimental drawings to his famous later paintings.

Van Gogh at work gathers more than 200 paintings and is highlighted by a series of iconic works reunited and hung side by side, including the two Sunflowers from the Van Gogh Museum and London's National Gallery.

In tracing the remarkable development demonstrated by Van Gogh over a period of just ten years, Van Gogh at work offers a fresh opportunity to understand the birth of a new vision in art.

1 May 2013 - 12 January 2014 

Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam, the Netherlands/ Pays Bas